Kitchen remodeling


Vital elements to kitchen remodeling

While cabinets are considered the "star" of any kitchen remodeling, the countertops are the supporting players, setting the room's tone while serving the vital function of meal preparation space. Counters can brighten a room, make it bold or serene and quiet while making it easier to work, de-clutter, and complete tasks. Backsplashes have now important as design tools, defining areas and creating focal points.

Countertop materials

While there are many countertop materials, from laminate to solid surfacing and concrete, stainless steel, and wood, tile is by far a preferred choice. It is stylish, durable and easy to maintain, and affordable; you can mix and match them, which creates a unique design and various price points. Tile provides more design choices than almost any other countertop material; these days, it can be made to look like anything, including stone, wood, fabric, and leather.



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All about the backsplash

It wasn't so long ago that backsplashes were five or six inches behind the range or the sink to capture splatters and splashes. It still has that critical function, but now we can add aesthetics to the tile's list of responsibilities. Backsplashes today are often floor-to-ceiling, wrapping around open storage or windows; some are tiny, thin strips to cover the gap between the cabinets and counters.