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What to consider with a professional flooring installation

Before you even walk into the store, ask yourself some questions about lifestyle and how it affects flooring choice. Then, there are a series of other considerations you'll need to make in your selection. Flooring sets the tone of a room and possibly your home, which is why designers often say, "Design from the floor up." The right flooring for your installation needs can positively impact appearance, performance, and longevity, so here are some suggestions on choosing floors from Unique Flooring, your flooring company in Ridgeland, MS.

Determine budget and needs

Think about the overall picture, including installation and upkeep. For example, most manufacturer warranties now require that a carpet installation be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If that requirement isn't followed, all protections can be lost.

Also, think about whether you have extra durability, stain resistance, or waterproofing needs. These days, technology has given us waterproof luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring (engineered vinyl), waterproof laminate, and rugs designed to stand up to pet and kid wear and tear. Also, keep in mind that not all hardwood is the same; some species, like hickory, oak, or an exotic like tigerwood, are ultra-strong, so have the flooring expert check the Janka Scale that determines hardwood hardness.



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Do you have a specific installation technique in mind?

The installation affects your budget and time, as well as possibly some other ways. Some, like solid hardwood, are more extensive and time-consuming; solid wood floors require a tongue and groove and then nail down, requiring moisture readings and possible subfloor repair. There's a lot of hammering, and some dust and, if it's on-site rather than factory finished, you'll need to factor in time for several coats to thoroughly dry before reapplying. Tile work is another one; it is laborious, especially when it comes to layout, and possibly requires cement boards and other materials, such as mesh, in the installation process. Others, like engineered hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl, can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor that is just clicked, mat, and hover; sheet vinyl can be loose-lay, which is a floating floor without the clicking mechanism.

You can trust our flooring installation services

Whether extensive or simple, Unique Flooring will produce a high-quality flooring installation that will make your floor the crown jewel of your home. For information and a free quote, visit our showroom in Ridgeland, MS. We work with homeowners in and around Ridgeland, Madison, Jackson, Flowood, Clinton, Gluckstadt, Brandon, Florence, and Canton, Mississippi.