Most people are familiar with solid hardwood flooring. But many haven't been introduced to the second type of wood floor. Engineered floors are rising in popularity in the wood floor market because they appeal to homeowners who want beauty and practicality.

The difference is in the construction

Solid hardwood is one thickness throughout. Engineered is layered. At the top are whatever you choose for the species: cherry, oak, ash, maple, or walnut with grains and undertones that determine how your floor looks. Underneath are three layers of genuine wood combined with a bit of resin and placed crosswise, giving stability and an enhanced ability to absorb moisture.

Engineered has more installation possibilities than solid and can go into higher-than-normal moisture areas, like basements. It doesn’t need acclimation. As most of us know, solid wood expands or shrinks with humidity changes. Acclimation is a necessary and straightforward procedure for solid hardwood floors. However, Engineered floors don't swell or shrink.

Thicker is better

The thickness of a floor determines how often it can be sanded for solid and engineered. The ideal thickness for solid floors is ¾ inch, which usually allows for up to six sandings. Engineered floors range from 5/8 inch to ½ inch. Depending on the thickness, the engineered floor can be sanded up to five times.

No matter the solid or engineered process, all wood floors add value to the property. However, installation can be different between the two. Solid floors are tongue and groove systems. Sometimes you have to repair the subfloor underneath. An engineered floor is a floating floor that is simple to construct. The pieces click together and hover over a subfloor.

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