Wood flooring is glamorous and elegant, but that doesn't translate to "high maintenance." Whether your choice is the solid or engineered version, you'll be assured of long-lasting beauty with relatively low maintenance.

It doesn’t take much to care for them. Like anything else, however, they will require some TLC once in a while.

Remember, your floors are a significant investment in the home. So please keep them in top shape and protect your investment!

Solid hardwood flooring: keep it dry!

Water and moisture are the biggest enemies of wood. When exposed to liquid, it can warp, cup, and crown.

Therefore, wipe spills immediately. When polishing or cleaning, wipe the floor dry to ensure no liquid gets between the boards.

And when you clean and polish, avoid waxy products They'll add a layer of film, but not shine.

Dry mop several times a week

Even every day, if possible. It's essential because dirt, soil, and animal fur can embed between the wood flooring boards.

Dirt can attract more grime, bacteria, and scratch. In some cases, it'll even draw more water.

Then vacuum once a week to pick up anything left behind. Clean and polish a few times a year.

Little details, big difference

Keep pet nails trimmed and avoid wearing stilettos. Also, use protective furniture pads, especially when moving.

It might seem basic but goes a long way toward preventing scratches and dents. Also, put mats at front entrances, so no one tracks in dirt and mud on the soles of their shoes.

At our hardwood flooring company, we pay attention to the little things. We want you to, also.

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