Every room has its own set of unique requirements, priorities, and challenges, and every rug has its characteristics, so you must get the right one for your installation. Nothing needs to be a complete match; as long as the carpet coordinates appropriately with your home's overall style, you will be fine. Read along with us for more, and if you have questions, feel free to visit our carpet store in Ridgeland, MS.

Carpeting stairs is a unique installation

The best rug for the stairway is a low pile with short, tightly woven fibers. Low pile rugs are easier to keep clean and more durable, both high priorities for stairs since people and pets run up and down them all day.  Many also use a Berber (looped) style but know that the claws can get caught in the loops if you have pets.

Safety is also essential. The rug needs to wrap securely around banisters and fit securely and flatly on the stairway nose (the front part of the tread), so there's a strong foundation for the foot. Otherwise, it won't be level, and people will slip and fall. 

The needs of a living space can vary

Is this the center of family activity or only used to entertain guests?  If it's the latter, a Saxony Velvet is perfect for a more formal look.  However, it does show footprints and vacuum marks with heavier foot traffic.,  you can go with a Saxony Trackless or another construction entirely, such as the frieze where the fibers are so tightly twisted that they curl.

The plusher the carpet, the better when it is for the bedroom. Priorities are to step out of bed on something warm and soft and insulate noise to enhance sleep. A shag is perfect and now comes in an expanded color palette, including red, blue, green, orange, purple, black, and multicolors.  

We have the answers to your carpet questions

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